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27 year-old male from Midland, MI
I am an Eagle Scout, a geek, and a few other things. I am a proud believer in Jesus, though a very bad example of a good Christian. I can come off creepy and morbid, but generally a decent and upstanding man. I have three younger sisters. I play the violin. I like history, science, weaponry, bicycling, shooting, camping, tying knots and playing with rope. Politically I fall more in line with the libertarians. I often come off as cold or sometimes arrogant and aloof, but that is unintentional and mainly due to my lack of interpersonal skills. I only bite when threatened.
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Alive in OkinawaI'm alive, if you can't tell by the title. I'm now in Okinawa. The good thing is the food is awesome here. The bad thing is I hate the weather. This hot humid stuff isn't for me. Where I'm from we get weather like this for six weeks a year, and that's it. Here, we have hot and hotter. I miss winter. Oh, speaking of weather, we just had a typhoon hit us yesterday. I didn't have to work that day. I'll be going in this afternoon though. Still, a day off is a day off.

One very bright spot in my life is the new pathfinder campaign I'm a part of. Pathfinder is a tabletop RPG, much like Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 with a few modifications. I love pencil and paper RPGs. They're one of the few things I enjoy regardless of where I am and they instantly allow me to make connections with other people. Sgt Nevias is running it, her husband Tim, myself, my Corporal, and a two other junior Marines from my section are playing. I had to pull the cleric role, mostly because three of our guys are really new to tabletop RPGs (one has never played before and the other two lack experience so you can't trust them with the role that prevents TPK). I'm fine with that though, playing a dwarven cleric that reflects his lackluster charisma by being a pushy missionary (Jehovah's Witness style) and religious revivalist of the dwarven gods is fun in its own way. It inspires me to do a little drawing, which I'm sad I can't share because I have no scanner. Maybe when my computer shows up in the mail I'll be able to transition to some digital art. Maybe. I'm still not sure of myself on the digital front. This all makes me want to play Call of Cthulhu, because it is awesome.

One thing that did show up the other week was my electric violin. Apparently that is a crazy thing around here. I'm rather rusty, not having played for two years, but you have to work your way up to it. I've got time, I don't need to play a virtuoso solo next week in any event. Already I'm getting requests from people to learn things (LCpl Chandler wants me to learn the Devil Went Down to Georgia and perform it with the amplifier and Cpl JaurezCruz wants me to learn Radioactive just for the hell of it). This has brought about a few "my boot is better than your boot" statements. A few Marines were in my room last night and said to my roommate "he can do that, what can you do" to which he replied "this" and dropped trousers right there for all to see his naked package. The man clearly does not care, not even a little.

There hasn't been much to talk about recently. What with the move to Okinawa, I've been a little preoccupied. Sorry for all five of you who watch me.
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Music Classical music Gregorian chant appeals to me. I guess I like any dark minor type of instrumental music. If you want a list of bands or performers I could try. Foamy the Squirrel Off Kilter Die Wise Guys Nox Arcana Corvus Corax Symphony X PowerGlove Evanescence Johnny Cash Da Vinci's Notebook "Weird Al" Yankovic Gaelic Storm Pink Floyd J.S. Bach Vivaldi Mozart Telemann Iron Maiden Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov Blind Guardian Opeth Collide Van Canto Simon & Garfunkel Queen Nightwish Demons & Wizards Faun Boston Type O Negative Dream Theater Apocalyptica Emilie Autumn
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