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24 year-old male from England
Hey people, i'm sgtpepperer1, aka S.G.T/Pepper/sergent pepper.
I'm here to watch Red vs Blue episodes, talk to fine people like yourselves and hopefully make friends with them.So I accept any friend requests with open arms. Hope to talk to you soon!
Oh yea, if u have xbox live, and ya want to add me to your friends list, my gamertag is SgtPEPPERER
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The Day I Fell In Love.....This is a story about a young boy in his mid-teens and a beautiful picec of machinery that was purchased ealier that day from Argos. The young boy was entranced by the beauty of this being. Her sleek, slender edges which were bordered with a deep grey, the rounded interchangable fascias dazzled his senses, and the CD tray (WHICH CAN BE CONTROLLED USING THE CONTROL PAD) made him feel alive. Forever...I shall love thy Xbox 360 until the date of its termination, or until another kickass console comes out..........360 RULEZ.
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Name Bob
Occupation Secret Death Henchmen
Birthday September 19th, 1990
Interests Xbox swimming reading tennis (occasionally)
Music I like the Lighthouse Family. I hate modern music enimem 50 cent can't be doin with 'em
Movies The Lord of the Rings Harry Potter Back to the Future
TV Shows Friends Doctor Who Joey Pheonix Nights (well anything Peter Kay really)
Books I like any mature book like books mainly based at adults (no not pornography books) my favourite author for mature wwriting is Jack Higgins HE IS SO COOL!!!!!