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Interests didnt i just answer that question - yeez whats up with you people - fine fine my hobbies are drawing singing playing my awesome red electric guitar ( or my accustic- either way it rocks) umm... dancing whatching anime drawing anime reading anime ok fine anything anime i love are you happy?! :) and of course HALO!!!!!!
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Music i would have to say im eclectic i love all types of music except for coutry( sorry no offense to you guys that like it) but if i had to choose a favorite id have o say gypsy kings they rock my world!
Movies like i said before i llllooooovvvveee anime and my favorite types of movies would have to be anime movies especially anime movies by miyazaki like princess mononke spirited away and so on and so forth...but dont get me wrong i also love scary movies im always up to watching a good scary movie - to think about it i watched silent hill last weekend and not to brag or anyhing but it made me laugh!! teehee!!
TV Shows i'll keep it short : full metal alchemist samurai champloo cowboy bebop naruto inuyasha some times ghost in the shell:stand alone complex and if theres nothing else on flight 29 down
Books the whole harry potter series the importance of being earnest and some others that escape me at the moment..