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26 year-old female from Mesa, AZ
i accept random friend request, but comment on one of my pictures or my journal and this is one of (i also like long walks on the beach and hitting people thats always fun and getting confused a lot}

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laladadadelerandomness woo its always great 2 be random i do say and if anyone is wondering this is not erica its some random person who hacked into her account just kidding about the hacking i asked 4 the password and she was so nice 2 tell me it only cause im her friend in real life the name is sarah also known as sakublossom on here nice 2 meet u all unless i already know u then hello people i already know and hello people i don't know and probably won't ever know unless u come and talk 2 me just watch out i may bite u though haha im seriously bored already made a bored journal on mine and asked if i could get on her account she actually doesn't know im making a journal though she will find out though but shh don't say anything 2 her yet haha random hyper girl right now ok thats all i got 2 say really so goodbye friends of erica and maybe friends of mine ^_^ haha i told her i made a new journal 4 her and she got so confused it made me laugh
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Name erica the confused
Occupation the student from the school
Birthday September 6th, 1988
Interests anime stained glass reading fanfictions (ignoring people she likes doing that a lot)
Music (i like music do u like music i bet u do)
Movies Batman Batman Returns Batman Begins Star Wars 1-6 Alien Vs. Predator Doom Dracula Dead And Loving It Hot Shots 2 Ice Age1and 2 The Man Meet The Fockers Punisher Red Vs Blue 1-4 season Date Movie Sleepy Hollow Sonic Strangerhood Final Fantasy 7 Terminator 1-3 Wallace and Gromit X-Men 1-3 Silent Hill and more (final fantasy 7 advent children woo good choice)
TV Shows Beast Wars Beast Machines Soinc X Vandread S-cry-ed Hellsing Mirage of Blaze Gokusen Tenchi Tenchi Universe Drangon Ball Z Sonic the Hedgehog( the old one) Samurai Deeper Kyo and more (needs more anime)
Books Island of the Blue Dolphins (naruto fanfictions shes always reading those)