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Shadowsflame Mmmm cake
30 year-old female from Oklahoma City, OK
I am a geek about strange things. Slightly insane. Also a pastry chef. Would most likely rather be reading. Prefer to live life behind the lens of a camera. Dabble in writing now and then.

Random friend requests make me scream "STRANGER DANGER!" and run away.

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Shadowsflame Mmmm cake
It's over...Tax FINALLY over. The hardest three and a half months I've ever worked is over.

Just like that, life goes back to normal. Waking up at 6:30 instead of trying to be at the office at that time, actually taking a lunch break, leaving work at 5 to go home to my pups, cooking, working out, reading, writing, playing video games, soccer on Saturdays, sleeping 8 hours a night, waking up to the boys howling at the tornado sirens being tested on Saturdays long enough to tell them to get over it before rolling back over and going back to bed because I CAN.

It's almost surreal. I almost don't believe it's true.

Here's hoping life evens out for the next deadline in a m...
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