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Shadowsflame Mmmm cake
30 year-old female from Oklahoma City, OK
I am a geek about strange things. Slightly insane. Also a pastry chef. Would most likely rather be reading. Prefer to live life behind the lens of a camera. Dabble in writing now and then.

Random friend requests make me scream "STRANGER DANGER!" and run away.

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Shadowsflame Mmmm cake
Just a girl looking for an office to manage...Home early because I'm tired of work and the feeling I have when I'm there. The constant need to bang my head against a desk feeling Also it's Friday. Downloading the Destiny beta because my Xbox lied last night when it said it was done. Nothing to do really...guess I'll go update my resume.

Guess when I'm done I'll start putting it out there...Anyone know of a place looking for a kick ass office manager? Cause countdown or not, I get a good enough offer I'm outta here.
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Name Iris
Occupation I do stuff with numbers and a ton of paperwork.
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