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alright people...I'm back...yet againsecond move completed and you will notice my location change after this journal is done...in the process of the move I ended up with about a half to three quarters of an inch of an exact-o knife blade (it's somewhere between there...I didn't take time to measure the blood stain on the blade) driven into my left foot which put me out of commission for about and hour (must have clipped an artery because that's about how long it took the bleeding to stop) but once that was fine I just wrapped it up with a bandage and started wearing my shoes for the time being and got back to work...there in lies my mistake...the fact that I kept moving and going and working I made the thing worse inside my foot and actually had a swollen foot up until yesterday evening (the injury happened early saturday morning).

alright...dunno how long before my PC gets working again (still on my parents comp for the time being)...and sadly enough I'm going to have to wait for a wireless setup before I can really use it anyway due to the distance between my room and the room with the modem (fucking cables )

and how about that shit that RvB is ending at episode 100...now what the hell am I going to do in my boredom...I know of no other long running and worthwhile machinima series other than perhaps Neverending Nights (a very well done series based off of the Neverwinter Nights game and infact the person who does the voice of Peter the Ranger from the series is a member here at RT: Tawmis )

well anyway...I'll update again soon but now I have to get to un-packing...such a vicious fucking cycle
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