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shaitan Dr Gonzo
37 year-old male from Swansea, Wales, UK
Weed, Women, Rugby. Have I left anything out?
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shaitan Dr Gonzo
So I'm a liarWell I notice in my last post I said I'd be on more often, and here I am over 9 months later finally making a new journal comment.
In my defence, I have at least continued sponsorship of RT, hence I've kept up to date with the RvB series.

A lots happened in this time, I've got a new girl, though Rhi is the first woman I've been involved with who had any kids, she's got a 4 year old girl called Meghan, but she's no trouble, and the 3 of us get along just fine.

On a rugby front( a personal obsession of mine), Wales had a truly spectucalar fall from grace, going from Grand Slam champions in 2005, to 1 from bottom in 2006, and my side the OSPREYS had a pretty poor show as well, winning the Celtic League title in 2004/2005, to finish a dissapointing mid table last term, but we've got a lot of big names back from injury so this season wil be a lot better (fingers crossed).

Thats my year I suppose, don't suppose I've been missed much, think people had realised I was pretty unreliable this time last year lol, any FFXI online fans on Bahamut can give us a shout when I'm on (Sidius), catch everyone soon xxx
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Name Tim
Occupation Lazy Bastard, moonlighting for the man
Birthday February 5th, 1978
Interests Love reading especially fantasy(Wheel of Time by R Jordan is the bollocks!) playing RPG's getting drunk and playing pool loving the missus(when I have too). Only kidding about the last part
Music Pink Floyd to Dre Manic Street Preachers - Alabama 3. Love Counting Crows Ben Folds(with or without the Five) Iron Maiden Snoop Dogg The Eels Stain'd ..... and I'm really into Augustana ATM
Movies Babycart series Mallrats Holy Grail Chopper Versus Ichi pretty much anything to do with Takeshi Kitano( or "Beat" Takeshi as he is otherwise known) not technically a movie but Stand Alone Complex rocks love it! Lost In La Mancha anything by Miike Takashi he's pretty fucked up....
TV Shows X Files League of gentleman Monty Python.......
Books Anything by Hunter S Thompson Wheel of Time series LOTR Silmarillion David Gemmell Catch 22 Cabal I'm bored now so I'll stop