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23 year-old male from Illinois
I'm 21. Go to school at the U of I and I really like to party

Watch me if you want to.

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Money money moneyI have quite a bit of it
But I keep spending it
So I'm afraid that in a couple of years I won't have anymore
That won't be good
Maybe I'll get lucky and get it back
Probably not
Stupid money
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Name Aaron
Occupation Student/Farming
Birthday November 15th, 1991
Interests Cows Halo 3 the MG Soccer Sleeping Rockband and other video games.
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Music Pretty much anything that doesn't suck
Movies V for Vendetta A Knight's Tale American History X Airplane Blazing Saddles League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and many more.
TV Shows Simpsons
Books Harry Potter and Mukiwa