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26 year-old male from Orem, UT
I come from a really big family (very serious). I like to play PC games. I am Married. I use internets.
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FIRST! :Dwell, I guess today I can just write out a quick review of myself :)
I joined Rooster Teeth originally because I found RvB to be hilarious, and recently have come to enjoy pretty much everything else by them. (shorts, comics, podcast, AH and such)

I live in Orem, Utah, in a small apartment with my wife. My wife is currently going to school at UVU. I am currently working for my family, doing a boring office job.
I naturally enjoy gaming, however unlike most people(it seems) on this site I play on a PC.
I enjoy many things on this site and have heard that the community is enjoyable. I also hope to make some new friends here.
So, here's for the best :)
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Name Hyrum
Occupation Customer Service at a family run magazine service
Birthday January 6th, 1989
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