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Male from Greenwood Lake, NY
Hi! I'm Sibwarra. I'm an easygoing, intelligent, sarcastic, imaginative gamer who is always up for a good laugh.
I'll gladly accept new friends, just try to get to know me a little first. Watch me a while, comment on my stuff, talk to me, & I'll accept and watch you as well.
I enjoy gaming, reading, writing, comedy, and pretty much anything Star Wars.
I'm also an active member of ROOSTERSPEAK. Catch me there anytime.
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On "Bullying"I'll say this now: you won't like this journal. These are my very simple, very strong feelings on this.
I wholly understand what I sound like, and that a LOT of people will NOT agree with me. But, I'll say this anyways. In response to the current "bullying" thing that's apparently going on:

If you're being an asshole: cut the shit. Nobody needs you prancing around like a pompous little kid on the playground. You're just pathetic for putting somebody in the dirt to make yourself feel better. Don't keep your unnecessary little cycle of hatred going. Be a bigger person than that. Nobody cares if you've had it rough. Chances are, their personal problems are equivalent to yours, and now you're just adding to them. Although, it's understood that you may behave this way unknowingly. If there's a stressful situation around you, take a moment to listen to yourself. Do you SOUND like a douchebag? If so, just apologize and grow up.

If you're "being bullied": Get over it. That sounds REALLY harsh, I know, but it's actually a solution. If you pay no mind to the worthless words of others trying to raise themselves up by putting you down, their point is moot. Their ammunition is only effective if you react to it in the way they desire. Disarming somebody who won't leave you be is as easy as laughing in their face. If you roll with it, accept it, and enjoy the sheer ridiculousness of it, you can't be effected by it. Don't get butthurt. There's always going to be a group of assholes you have to deal with, no matter how old you are, where you go, and how you're behaving. You must also take into account their sense of humor. People may just be messing with you, and you may be blowing it out of proportion.

However, I wholly recognize this applies only to verbal "bullying." The physical aspect can be much more serious. There are plenty of people who have been victimized by being physically assaulted, to varying degrees of severity, in many forms. This is something that should be immediately addressed or directly dealt with if it occurs, lest it become more serious.
Although, this is a different topic - this is the internet. Unless you've learned considerably more than I have from Looney Toons and have the ability to punch or grope one another through your computer monitors, this does not apply, although it should be discussed to some extent within the overall topic.
There's also a block function on most social media sites, and a messaging system so you can say "This person is a freak." to your friends.
TL;DR This shouldn't be anywhere near as much of an issue as it is. If you're going to voice an opinion in response, please ACTUALLY read what I wrote here before telling me how I'm wrong.
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