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31 year-old female from in a cave eating grunts...
I am ....

Note to thoses looking for an ID:
I have been buzy with RL and have stoped making them.... I am rarely on the site anymore... but maybe some time in the future I may come back and start them up again... no ganatee... so please don't IM me for a card cause you'll won't get an answer back for a while...

Update: Apond getting a new Comp. I gotten a bad harddrive... unfortunly I had put my art stuff on it and lost it all... includeing the ID templet... so I can't make the IDs untill I find a new templet... also still busy in RL >.<....
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I know yous miss me...I've come back for another short visit.... So.. HI EVERYONE!!!! *Hugs* have a little free time so I thought I'd come on and see what I missed... I'm still pretty busy with RL and all, mostly work... (Dang Holiday hours, Don't work retail!)... I'm still on my doll making, now trying out Camo Demons XD and trying out new doll types... I've given up on my website for now... dang thing giveing me problems... but don't got any conventions again untill Spring/Summer... Here's a list of Cons I might be heading to in the next year if you're near by:

Ubercon- Oct...
Dexcon- some time in the summer
Connicon(sp?)- also in the summer
and the last one I can't remember the name but I'm sure it's in the spring

ok so now I'll dissappear for another month or so.... when I find the dates for the cons I'll put them down and if I"m going to go to them...

See ya later ^_^
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