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28 year-old female from San Francisco, CA
okay, here it goes.. im a stubborn, semi-conservative, very open minded, very nice person but im can also be a bitch that is really nice if youre not an idiot =) and even if you are one.. i'll give you a chance, its only fair right? i love meeting people and learning new things. for more information, please see... all the other shit in this profile =)
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THAT GUY! left me 30 comments saying that im ugly. he's totally entitled to his own opinion. but give me a break! 30 comments?? does he have no life??? what a psycho. then i try and message him and ask what the fuck is up? and i find out he has me on block. wonder why eh?

he's not nice.

i dont like him
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Name Reyna
Occupation Freelancer =)
Birthday November 8th, 1986
Interests okay there is seriously not enough space to do this whole.. "interests" thing! but.. i will try to fit it as best i can.. EVERYTHING! im serious just ask me anything about anything and i'm sure i have some interest in it. dont believe me? haha i dont give a fuck really. but.. if you wanna be less of a dick about it IM me or something. mOrBiD gOOfBaLL on AIM and sk8rlicious@hotmail on MSN and.. sk8rliciousbunny@yahoo for yahoo.. =) Cheerio
Music haha.. EVERYTHING! and no not like these fuckers that listen to everything NOW because its "cool" for example.. i like.. The beatles The rolling stones CKY HIM The doors PRINCE! George Thorogood & The Destroyers Dolly Parton The Temptations Weezer Sublime MSI Nirvana KoRn The Eagles The Mars Volta Britney Spears UK subs Kenny Edwards Miles Davis and like.. a MILLION more
Movies hmm.. now this one's a bit different.. im not close minded i just like GOOD movies the most recent good movie i saw was Garden State it was deeeelicious. My favorite movie is Hard Days Night. pure art. Legally Blonde was also very delicious. um.. Chicago LOTR Star Wars (original trilogy) Back to the future um.. xmen batman (the first two) spiderman.. yeah.. those kinda movies and.. um.. American Beauty.. and A Beautiful mind ETC!
TV Shows THE OC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no fucking doubt!!!!!!