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23 year-old male from Shing Jea Monastery, Cantha
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Xbox360 AvatarSo i just hooked up to live and I was wondering how to get my avatar to show up on my RT profile page. Help anyone?
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Name Sktlz360
Occupation Wetboy. Oh yeah, I also make pizzas.
Birthday April 17th, 1992
Interests Bmx Surfing Deaders Magic Cars Guitar Video games (Guild Wars) =D Watching movies with friends.
Music Love most genres. Oldies Pop Rock. Mostly depends on my mood though. At the moment I9;ve been listening to a lot of songs from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Wolf Parade.
Movies Resevoir Dogs Pulp Fiction The Dark Knight The Prestige The Count Of Monte Cristo Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Rounders
TV Shows The Office and Chuck
Books The Night Angel Trilogy Farseer Trilogy Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell The Tawny Man Trilogy.