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When is it over?I really don't know what to do. How do you know if you've abandoned a friend, or just finally given up on a hopeless cause?

I told a friend of many years to erase my number and NEVER speak to me again, because I feel that this friend is living immoraly and irresponsibly with no regard for anyone but themself. I tried to talk to my friend about how that friend has been living and treating the people around them, but I was told that it was

"None of your damn buisness".

On one hand I feel like telling them to erase me is to protect myself because this person has hurt me numerous times in the past with their lies and deciet, however I also feel like I could be abandoning a friend that may still need me. My Husband says I am just feeling guilty because I am so devoted to the people I call friends, and that I did the right thing by getting away from said friend...

If you had a friend that told cronic white lies would you think they were lying to you or themself? If someone won't listen should you let go and move on? I know my friend is going to get caught up in their own web of lies, or I suppose I should say ex-friend shouldn't I?

Once upon a time we were torn apart by the people around us, but now I am thinking it was my friend that was tearing us apart all along... I suppose that can't truly be considered a friendship to begin with can it?

I guess that's all I can really say in the end, sorry it was so lengthy in the end, I just needed to vent somewhere. I don't think I can go into the situation more without giving away information that could get more people involved in the situation. So sorry for that, and Good Night..........
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