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21 year-old male from School in the capital of Sweden
First things first, GREAT FAN OF THIS SITE AND EVERYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH IT, simply... Now a few things about myself, My name is Jake, in the fifthteens, officially from Britain, but live in Sweden. The favorite game at the moment is Halo 3 OFCOURSE, but since there's schoolwork that needs to be done, I don't have much time to play the Xbox, but I do when there's time and when I feel like doing it. Interests and blaha blaha... you can view somewhere else on my page i suppose.
AAAAAHHHHHHH CRRAAPPP!!!! Can't write anymore, the limit of typing has been reached but i could've written loads if it wasn't for this limit.
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One thing is missing...I think we users of this site should be able to write more in our "About me" thingies, what do you think?
Do you think that we should be able to write more in our "About me" thingies?
A) Yes
B) No
C) I don't mind ('cause I don't like you)

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Name Jake
Birthday October 31st, 1993
Interests Instruments (incl. guitar drums etc...) Video games like Halo 3 ofc. :D and GH
Music Rock
TV Shows Red vs Blue ofc ! (even though it isn't really a ";TV" show but it's my favorite)