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25 year-old male from Jefferson, OR
I am the kind of person that acts like a snake. If i am threatend, then i bite the person's head off. If i am treated nicely, then i will trust you and become your friend. Don't worry, I won't bite you when i become friends with you. so, don't try to tick me off on purpose. O.k.! Also, I am fun to hang out with if i become friends with you.

Yes, i am the Overlord of the AVENGED DRAGONS CLAN, fear me! If you want to join the clan, Pick the dragon you want out of my journal and tell me in your journal comment.
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Apologize, New Clan Pics!Sorry I haven't kept my word about the pics, got behind in a lot of homework, but on the lighter side, I'm graduating in three days and out for the summer. so now i'm going to post some pics that the clan can choose from:

Snowpeak Dragon

Steampunk Dragon

Accident-Prone Dragon

Dragon of Chaos

Coral Dragon

Blue-Fire Dragon

The Defender

Dragon Golem

The Tamed One

Emerald Dragon

Sapphire Dragon

Ruby Dragon

Jasper Dragon

Topaz Dragon

Lich Dragon

Purple Chinese Dragon

Mushroom Dragon

Golden Chinese Dragon

Dragon of Spirits

Baby Dragon with Tabasco

Blind Dragon

Dragon from the Shadows

Infernal Dragon

Dragon of the Forest
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Name Sean
Occupation College student
Birthday April 25th, 1990
Interests RvB.com Playing soccer Playing my guitar watching TV Video games Taekwondo (i have aSecond Degree Black Belt and i know how to use it!) Fantasy or Mythological stuff Anime (when i have a chance to watch it on TV or on the internet) Exploring new places (Like Egypt New Zealand Norway or Spain) Movies Writing stories Reading (sometimes) Music Drawing or Making Art My laptop my rock band the art of the sword werewolves dragons the zelda games wolves Bows and arrows.
Music I listen to any kind of music. ^_^
Movies RvB series The Punisher Transformers Twilight and much more.
TV Shows House Bones Vampire Knight Bleach The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Naruto Wolf's Rain Chrono Crusade Romeo+Juliet (Anime Series) Fullmetal Alchemist Family guy Smallville Outlaw Star South Park King of the Hill Jeff Foxworthy Show Blue Collar TV Pimp my ride Whose Line is it Anyway? The Simpsons Bill Cosby Show and CSI.
Books Lord of the Rings series; The Count of Monte Cristo; Sabriel; the Chronicles of Narnia: the loin the witch and the wardrobe; and Artemis Fowl!