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Male from Madison, Wisconsin
Somehow my old profiles have disappeared and so I look like a total newbie to the site. Been following RT since BGC.

Aspiring to become a writer, but currently going for my postbac and Master's in English education.
I also make some mediocre videos.

Also, they still have my gamtertag somewhere, so here it is...boop.
360 GT: Snuggernaught
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Appletisers (RT While Abroad)For those who don't know, I am currently studying abroad in London.
So I went to see the Royal Shakespeare Company's The Taming of the Shrew Wednesday night. It was fantastic and incredibly funny. The large many running around with his junk covered only by a pan may have turned some off of the play, for lack of a better phrase.
However, during the interval (intermission back in the States) at the theate bar, I noticed a drink mentioned in RT Podcast 156. Gav had talked about "Appletisers" and so I had to try one. I admit it, they are rather good. It's basically an apple soda.
Cheers and see you around RT. Allons-y!
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