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29 year-old female from 100 Mile House, BC
Hello! My name is Natalie. On this site I'm known as Sonima and I also answer to Soni. I'm Canadian, born and raised, and speak both French and English fluently. I am currently living in a nice little house in BC with my boyfriend Alex, our daughter Amelia, our pug Rufus and our cute kitty Renji.

No random friends requests please!
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FalloutJust beat Fallout: New Vegas on the PS3. I ended up having to do the Side Bets things even though I wanted to support the NCR, due to some glitches. And the baby grabbing the controller and shooting some NCR dudes probably didn't help. But I still got a pretty happy ending!

I am officially ready for Fallout 4. Bring it on!

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