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Busy Week!Well, we're coming up on a really busy week! Exams have officially stated, but luckily I have only 2 to write this semester. The first one is going to be this Wednesday, and will probably only require an evening of studying, so it shouldn't be too bad. But due to the lack of that many exams, I've taken a lot of hours at the pool... should be crazy!

So, other than lame work and exams this week, there's going to be a four day run of parties.

On Thursday, I've organized a birthday party for Alex with the kindly contribution of a mutual friend's house. We're going to set up a poker table, a tv or two with Wii games, get a Blizzard cake, and have it bring your own booze and barbecue foods. Should be a nice, casual party where everyone just gets to hang out and stuff. Should be good!

Then Friday, Alex and I have a pretty lame party type thing to go to at his Gran's retirement home... bleh... we have to get all dressed up and go to this open doors Christmas party just to make her happy. And she's not one of those sweet grandmas that give you cookies and sneak you $50 when your mom isn't looking...

Saturday is going to be very hectic and tiring. I've got a 12 hour shift at the pool immediately following which I'm heading over to our traditional staff holiday party. I'm supposed to bring a $10 gift for our gift exchange game, where you can either open a gift, or steal one that someone already opened. It's usually kind of fun.

And on Sunday, we're heading out to Alex's parents' for his family birthday party, for which I somehow ended up volunteering to cook the supper portion of it. His mom is making a yummy cake, so that's fair enough. We'll probably be bringing Renji with us to hang out with their cats and the dog, so everyone will have a fun visit.

And that'll be the end of my crazy week! I'm definitely going to need some down time!

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