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29 year-old male from Lakewood, WA
A long time ago, I dreamed of becoming nothing, and now I'm living proof of what laziness, apathy and gluttony can accomplish. I am about halfway through my rags to ditches story which will one day be immortalized in the greatest autobiography ever written entirey on Kirkland Signature toilet paper.
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Dear Penn JilletteI don't agree with everything you say, but fuck do I agree with most of it. High marks, lad.

Penn Goes to Comic-Con!
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Name Cliff
Occupation Box Monkey
Birthday September 25th, 1985
Interests Bears monkeys and Ninjas because together they are the strongest army known to man. I am a man of words a man of actions. I am a poet a gamer an athelete a computer nerd and a comedy fan. I am light hearted with a dark disposition I am an articulate oaf a philsophical clown and a fat man. my interests include everything but dumb poeple. yeah I'm wierd
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Music Red Hot Chili Peppers Ozzy Osbourne '70-'76 Black Sabbath pre '90 Metallica Pink Floyd Led Zeppelin Tom Petty Aerosmith MC Frontalot David Bowie Jimi Hendrix Kina Grannis Alice in Chains Iron Maiden AC/DC Chuck Berry Barenaked Ladies Elton John Queen Ceedence Clearwater Revival Johnny Cash Run DMC Stone Temple Pilots Guns N' Roses (before Axle played Yoko on them) Van Halen Stephen Lynch Genesis well the list goes on
Movies Bram Stoker's Dracula A Knight's Tale Shrek 1&2 Braveheart Last of the Mohicans Signs LOTR. there's more but i'm lazy
TV Shows Simpsons both incarnations of the Tick Andy Richter controls the Universe The Daily Show Titus Colbert Report Ultimate Fighter and Most Star Treks(except Voyager and the Original) Any stand up comedy is right up there.
Books the ones in the front of the video game case
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