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22 year-old male from Peoria, AZ
I'm a thirteen year old boy from |-|3|_|_ or Arizona... They're both hot...
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I Pwn NoobsChallenge me to a match on Halo 2 and you will get takin to school by teh pwnster (me). I'm a level 27 in team slayer and I can snipe better than anyone that I know. My username on Xbox Live is C U IN H3LL
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Name Tanner
Occupation 8th Grader
Birthday July 5th, 1992
Interests Kittens Halo 2 Kittens Puppies food (im not fat if thats what ur thinking and if some body could tell me how i can reduce the quality of a pic so i can put it on her it would be much obliged)
Music Punk Rock and some contry
Movies Star Wars Series Guess Who Are we there yet?
TV Shows Attack of the Show X-Play Cheat Pokemon
Books Eragon and Eldest