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Diablo 3 DaysWell, I tend not to actually keep up with journals, profiles, and the like, but I hope to make it different here.

Anyways, I've been playing Diablo 3 lately and it's been a blast. Though, the main character I play is a Monk and from what I've seen (Level 54 now), they have an incredible amount of survivability. They have a lot of skills that self heal them for almost everything they do. Though, I will say that in the higher difficulties, you are most certainly not as invincible as you are in say Normal or Nightmare.

I've had an incredible amount of fun with this game, more so than I really thought I would. I've played the campaign probably a good.. 8 or 9 times now by myself and I'm still having a blast playing it. Though, once you get onto the harder difficulties such as Hell or Inferno and you go back to a low level character on Normal, the game does lose a lot of it's luster and you feel like you can kind of speed through it.

Off to playing more Diablo 3, cya for now.
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