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25 year-old male

I play guitar and don't like chavs, simple as that
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"Dark" TrailerCheck out the trailer to my new film "Dark"

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Name Matt-Matt (no joke)
Occupation guitar
Birthday May 18th, 1990
Interests Kickin' ass on the guitar (real guitar none of that gay-ass guitar hero stuff) and makin' movies!
Music all kinds metal 80's stuff where they play instruments guitar related mainly
Movies Shawshank Redemption Schindler's list Fight club Pulp Fiction Hotel Rwanda The good the bad and the ugly The Green Mile Dances with wolves Princess Mononoke Indiana Jones series Saving private Ryan Terminator 2 last of the mohicans kill bill sin city The Lord of the Rings trilogy one flew over the cuckoos nest 300 Pshyco Apocalypse now Leon The pianist Spirited away Alien a clockwork orange The shining The deer hunter the great escape Jaws Braveheart batman begins AKIRA The 6th sense V for vendetta back to the future Gladiator platoon The lion king Glory Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit Grave of the fireflies Jurassic park the thing shaun of the dead The omen Pirates of the carribean : you deserve to die if you think these films suck
TV Shows BAND OF BROTHERS OWNS ALL!!!!! Lost The simpsons Family guy American dad The decline of video gaming robot chicken anything good that involves death or suspense
Books Books? what's a book?