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24 year-old male from Wadsworth, OH
Love RvB since i first started watching back in season 3, got into the Drunk tank, and decided to join the community.
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Working towards Halloween 2011Yes, Im officially getting back on board with me ambitious plan to procrastinate my halloween costume till the point I don't get sleep come October. What do I mean? Look at my profile picture, now back to my journal, now back to my profile picture, now back to my journal. (I'm done with that now, sorry, couldn't help it) That was my Halloween costume circa 2010. It was about 11 months of work and around 2000 dollars worth of materials, and probably close to 500 man hours I put in, and probably 50-100 man hours my dad helped put in. It was a Fucking exhausting endeavor. But it was WELL worth it. I've decided to work on my 2011 Halloween costume now, in March, cause hopefully it will be a much easier process and less labor intensive. My 2011 Haloween costume is Master Chief. (See, you see what I did with the "Halloween"? I made it "Haloween". Get it? It's...its a pun....I know I suck....) But I'm going to be posting picture updates whenever I get certain pieces of armor done and just overall progress. I want to say, I got all these files off the wonderful and talented guys over at the 405th, And they get all the credit for doing the hard work. They created it all, I'm just a worthless peon suckling at the teet of glory. (Weird statement). Oh well, hardcore updates will hopefully be coming soon!

Bitchin ass night

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Name Dave
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Birthday March 26th, 1991
Interests Well mostly I just like playing video games Mostly Halo. I also am into playing Mass Effect as well as Rock Band I also enjoy costuming as you can see by the predator costume I made in my pictures.
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