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23 year-old male from Vekta, CA

[color=red]U.S. Army 13 F, Fox Fur, Hardcore Gamer, Paintballer, Airsofter, anime, Sci-Fi, history goer [/color]

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Still here.Moved accounts to KevlarFox. Sent a good portion of you guys FR's already.
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Name Kevlar Fox
Occupation Military
Birthday January 1st, 1992
Interests video games Paintball Airsoft military history Motocross
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Music Halo soundtracks Gears of War soundtracks Breaking Benjamin Greenday Incubus Flogging Molly Pink Floyd Linkin Park Alien Ant Farm Eiffel 65 Evanescence Godsmack 3 Doors Down Three Days Grace Mindless Self Indulgence techno
Movies Taking Chance Kick Ass Saving Private Ryan Saints and Soldiers Full Metal Jacket Jarhead The Green Mile starwars Children of men Cloverfield Pearl Harbor Monty Python and the Holy Grail Indiana Jones Starship Troopers Ghost Busters Men in Black Transformers Behind Enemy Lines
TV Shows Code Geass M*A*S*H Simpsons Clone Wars Gundam Wing Outlaw Star Naruto Rave Master Cops Chowder Generation Kill Over There Whale Wars G4 Military channel Discovery channel
Books all Halo books Gears of War books
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