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33 year-old male from British Columbia, Canada
Names James Swanson(Not a thirty year old case your wondering, I am 18 XD) , I love RT watched Red vs Blue since it first came out. I am a big PC and XBOX gamer, Rugby player, and aspire to become a better bass player than I currently am. If you like me you'll love Dlobyes, were like double awesomeness.
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spartanj255 The Bassist
Day 1 monitoring our leaderSo my friend kyle and I are good buds, now in our group of guy friends him and I are leaders. We usually like too run things, not unfairly, but when we play video games, make plans, or come up with ideas for things. now our friend Dakota, who is that typical guy who trys to hard to be apart of inside jokes and things, thinks hes cool but isn't, makes comments that need to be kept to himself, makes bad jokes and ruins good ones, and finally he is a spaz when it comes to certain situations. so he wants to start a Nerf team,( like paintball but less painful and less expensive) and he said he gets to be in charge. so kyle and I and some of our other friends are secretly testing him to see if he can handle the stress and challenges of leading. so we already faked a big argument and he could not stay cool and keep us settled down, so test 1 he has failed. lets hope test 2 will go better.=\
Do you think my friend Dakota is going to be able to pass the tests?
A) All of them
B) Most of them
C) Half of them
D) A few of them
E) None of them

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