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26 year-old female from Hixby, OK
If you have just received a random friend request from me and are wondering who is this freak.... good luck with that one. you will never answer that question. my best friend has yet to answer that question. If you wanna be friends..great, add me. If not, don't stress just delete the freakin invite!
ppl get so emotional about these things....CHILLAXE DUDES! and last but not least do not dis Jesus on my site~ or i and my friends will neg mod the crap out of you, and block you till hell freezes over :) so have a marvolous day and keep it real. ~lys
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Name lys
Occupation Loving Life!
Birthday February 16th, 1989
Interests I like to dream. I like to bike I like to run...... i love music hate tv and lately have lost any intrest in something that used to consume my life. I hate to swim.
Music current fav band: 30 seconds to mars