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>:-\)Well, this has been an interesting month.

As many of you know, Kyla and I recently were married this month and what an amazing time. The wedding went smashingly and it was awesome to see our family there. There are stories that I would love to tell and will have to wait to do so when I have time....and they mainly have to do with my family and my nephews.(shocker!)

But that is not all. I can now say that April 4th will be my last day at KWQC. When I leave I will have been working there for 4 years and 361 days(and yes, those 4 days will bug me). After that, I will be moving in with Kyla for good. We have been doing long distance since day one and we look forward to actually spending more than a weekend together.

I wish I could continue but I still have to do my job for another few weeks.


Squall Bourne is trying to hold on with bolth hands right now....
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