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>:-)Hello all.

Sorry for the lack of postage going on here. But though I do not post that much, I do stalk you all.....even you.....

*eyebrow waggle*

To give a recap, got married, quit my job, moved, start new jobs, and bought a house. For more details, you can continue reading.

Back in March, Kyla and I decided to tie the knot in St. Louis, MO. It was a really emotional and exciting day and night. Great music, food and company. I would say about 90% of my dad's side of the family showed up and lets say they didn't disappoint in bringing the fun. We had elements of ourselves throughout the night with our processional song was the Star War's throne room ending. Our introduction in the reception was The Final Countdown. And for us to kiss, you had to take the d20 on your table and roll 10 or higher in front of us.

For the honeymoon, we went back to Key West for one last time for awhile. Did something we did before and tried some new things and had a great time.

What wasn't known by many, the Wednesday before the wedding, I had 2 job interviews at local tv stations in St. Louis. I won't lie and say there was no issue. I don't like talking about myself, had to find these station in a city I am not familiar with and not let the wedding work its way into my brain. Well as you can deduce, everything worked out for the best and I am now working freelance for a NBC station and a PBS/Fox Sports Midwest/ect. broadcast center. My first day of training at the NBC station was game 1 of the St. Louis Blues vs Chicago Blackhawk playoffs series which lead to Kyla telling me I could not wear my Hossa jersey to work..... ;-(

Later this year, we bought a house a week before Thanksgiving and officially moved in on November 22nd. Sadly with our first full week in the house, I was only in the house 5 out of the 7 days because I was working long days and short turn around between the 2 station due to the Ferguson announcement. Once we get fully unpacked, I hope to have photos posted. We are really excited that after years of living apart, we are now under the same roof. We are also really happy that after just 5 minutes of hiding under the bed in the guest room, Little Bit was out exploring the house and has adjust quite nicely to her new surroundings.

We look forward to making our house a home. We have a nice collection of games(video/tabletop) and really excited to start hosing game nights......like tonight for New Years Eve.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Years and a wonderful year.

Be safe and keep on posting,


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