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27 year-old male from Mansfield, OH
Not that interesting, but if you want to know something, just ask.
At least send a message before sending an Friend Request saying why you want to be my friend on here.
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KarmaNo, not the karma that comes around and bites you in the ass. The karma level on the site is what I'm talking about. I've been sitting at 99% to the next level for a while now, and I've been active on the site; commenting, posting, etc., etc., yet it remains at 99%.

The funny thing is, I went from 96 to 99 in almost a blink of an eye, yet I can't quite get that last percent. It feels like I'm downloading something, or burning a disc. It gets up to 99% in no time, but it takes that last one percent 100x longer than the rest of the file combined.

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