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22 year-old male from Brisbane, QLD Australia
*Your waiting during the cold rainy night, a shadow is lurking in the dark.*
*You pull out your flashlight in fear and point it at where you fear the worst but it's just a box.*

"Kept you waiting, huh?" I said as I was hiding.
You ask me what I like and what am I doing here.
I turned to look at you with a grin and said "why don't we find out"

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Update and Supanova Adelaide 2014It's been well over a year since I made a journal post on here. So I thought maybe it might be time once again to give a quick update on here while I still remember. So one tiny, little update or rather should I say that a huge change is that I have moved interstate, meaning I have moved from the sunny state of Queensland and now have ended up in South Australia! So after living on the East Coast of Australia since I was born, I thought it would be time for a change and try living out in the middle part of Australia for awhile. So now I'm in South Australia and I'm enjoying it quite a bit.

The other thing I want to say is that Supanova Adelaide came around today as I am writing this post. I was able to meet the incredible Gus and Jordan today and was able to have a picture taken with the both of them, before heading over and see their panel for the fay. Was an amazing day overall at Supanova, and got to see a preview scene of the new X-Ray and Vav. I must say that it will certainly be a fun show to watch.

None the less it has been great the last few months and is really thankful to the entire RoosterTeeth staff that continue to come from the other side of the world and interact with their fans from down under.

So here is the photo, in order of appearance is Gus, Myself, my wonderful Sister and Jordan.

Until next time, Don't forget to stay safe and awesome.
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