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27 year-old male from Muskegon, MI

The Japanese sunset was removed, because I was reminded of how much of a horrible job I did on it..

don't get to know me.. ever.

unless you want to..

I hear he has a moustache.
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I don't know where else to post this rant, so I'll post it where almost no one will be watching.

I'm looking at the PS4 versus the Xbox One. I can't help but notice the massive (ridiculous) outcry for the Xbox One's new policies. My most current annoyance is this:

Sony has stated that the PS4 has corrected the massive update issue by downloading updates even while in standby mode, but they're also saying that you don't have to be online to enjoy your games. My problem with this is that if I disconnect my PS4 from the internet because I don't want an 'always on' connection, but I do want to play online with my friends. (This is really what a lot...
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