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I don't know where else to post this rant, so I'll post it where almost no one will be watching.

I'm looking at the PS4 versus the Xbox One. I can't help but notice the massive (ridiculous) outcry for the Xbox One's new policies. My most current annoyance is this:

Sony has stated that the PS4 has corrected the massive update issue by downloading updates even while in standby mode, but they're also saying that you don't have to be online to enjoy your games. My problem with this is that if I disconnect my PS4 from the internet because I don't want an 'always on' connection, but I do want to play online with my friends. (This is really what a lot of people are hammering about) I'd still get those downloads when I boot up. It's really either always connected to the internet or I download when I get online. There's no middle ground there.

That being said, why is Xbox One getting such shit for saying 'we want to do one check every 24 hours to make sure your games are still legit'? That could even show that someone else has duped your game and validate your ownership. That's a nice feature.

Articles keep stating that if I don't have internet connection (or in some rare cases they claim I have to turn the machine on once every 24 hours) for 24 hours, that I'll lose access to all my games. They never really claim for how long, and I've not seen a statement from Microsoft saying this is the case anywhere. Sure, if I go into offline mode for more than 24 hours, and stay offline my offline content will be inaccessible until I get back online.

I can see this being an annoyance in a few cases such as:
I go on a weekend trip with no access to internet, and I bring my Xbox. Twice during that trip I have to figure out a way to connect to the internet or I can't play my games. That'd suck a bit.

The problem with that is, most everyone who wants to play Xbox has internet access 24/7 and keeps their xbox linked all the time. Currently I can download a game, shut off my Xbox 360 and it'll keep downloading until it's finished. That's standby downloading folks. In current gen. That's not a feature that should be rewarded in the ps4.

Long story short, I'm tired of the witch hunt because it makes getting valid information very difficult. Most articles I've read are just random misinterpreted slander that I have to muddle through to find out the really cool parts of these two new consoles so that I can make a valid assessment of which I want to purchase.

End Rant.
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