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First Facebook Post(s)Today, I scrolled all the way down to my first ever Facebook post in early 2009, which was a Caboose quote from Red vs. Blue Season 5. It's been five years and my most recent 2014 post is a quote from Red vs. Blue Season 11.

The internet has tendency to spawn and foster brief trends or short moments of phenomenon that people forget about after a matter of weeks. People often discover new content that they instantly latch onto, but once the momentary obsession wears off, they lose their fascination for it.

For some reason, the content that Rooster Teeth puts out never loses it's magic to me. The transparency and honesty of all the people that work there allows someone like me to connect to like-minded people I can relate too, even though I may never meet these people in person (but here's hoping to RTX 2015 amirite?). The concept of like-minded people forming a community because we all like the same dumb jokes is why I'm such a long-time fan and as long as Rooster Teeth continues to be true to it's community, I will likely never tire of the hours of entertainment they provide to me.
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