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26 year-old male from El Paso, TX
I believe that we are all friends on rt. One truly unified community. Only when everyone knows and understands this will we be able to take over the world!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

So bring on the random friend requests
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Could really use someone to talk to...Just had the hardest night of my life. I have a friend for whom I have developed very strong feelings. Might even go as far as to say that I'm in love with her at this point. She asked me to cook dinner for her tonight, so I did. She brought a date. I just spent the last four hours sitting next to them on the couch while they cuddled, stroked each others legs, held hands, etc...

Now, I'm fairly certain that she has at least some idea of how I feel about her, although I could be wrong about that. If she does, I'm pretty sure that this is the most cruel thing that anybody has ever done to me. She could tell that something was wrong, because she kept asking if I was ok, but she either didn't put it together or was pretending not to know. Right now I just feel like I'm going to throw up...
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