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21 year-old male from Canada
I am myself.
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Itsa my birthday :DYet again one more year older and I can honestly ask this question; Is it just me or as you age you don't even feel different. I mean when I was 12 going onto 13 I felt some sort of special feeling of awesomeness, but going from 17 to 18, I realized shit all has actually changed!

18 years ago my mother was wailing as I proceeded to become a part of this world, little did my dad know he would soon be rushing into the hospital, also what he didn't realize is that he got the wrong room to where I was being born, he walked in on a black woman giving birth and he said to me today "I knew something was wrong, my wife doesn't just change." While in fact he was one room over from where I was being conceived. Great timing dad!

It has been a weird life growing up with the internet, but can't say I regret anything because this is the only life I have ever lived (or is it?).

To anyone else have a great day, as for me I am thinking of going sledding because there is a shit-ton of snow outside, peace.
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