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23 year-old female from Canada
I'am Bi Sexual/Lesbian and proud of it. I like men and girls, I do both LOL!
I like snowboarding, Hanging with friends, All sorts of stuff, Playing video games but my favorite are Halo, Amped 3, Bee Movie Game, and others.
Red vs Blue is so cool! Caboose is my favorite character.
If you call me slut, I don't care because I live my life to its fullest. Note Iam a omnisexual.
I'm bi now with Jenna Ham.
I accept all random friend requests.
If your my friend you must comment on my pictures, answer back on messages, and comment at least one thing on my profile each week.
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Life is LifeNananana Life is Life! Got that song in my head haha! Anyway been clubbing mostly and just chillaxing (How ever you spell it)

P.S Not sure if this is sad, but I find it fun been trying my dresses and my skirts while looking at myself in the mirror to feel sexy.
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Name Chloe
Occupation Chapters/Future Model
Birthday September 24th, 1990
Interests Partying Snowboarding volleyball Playing videos games hanging with friends having sleep overs the works.
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Music Hannah Montana Hilary Duff Britney Spears(but hate the person because what she has done) Madonna and all sorts.
Movies Too many to think of. ()_()
TV Shows Desperate Housewives Sex in the City and Scrubs
Books Scorpion House and the Sister Hood of Taveling Pants