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25 year-old female from Bradbury, CA
Sweet Jesus! I come back after about 4 years, and I realize how much of a dumb ass I was in high school. Me = FAIL
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I Have a Tumor (update)Well, my doctor says that I'm not ready for the surgery, she says that I have too much prolactin for my surgery, because of the anti-psychotics that I was taking, which made my tumor worse and my hormones more off balance. I've been taking blood test for my endocrinologist and if not for her, my psychiatrist, if not for her, my regular doctor, it sucks, but it's not like I'm afraid of blood and there's no pain, except that it's a pain in the ass.

I'm going to Mexico for Christmas, I'm leaving on Saturday, and I'll finish off Channukah on the road.
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Name Marina
Occupation Student, and I work as a tutor
Birthday June 23rd, 1990
Interests Music I'm a total fan! Actually any form of art i.e. literacy drama music painting etc. I especially am a passionate reader love to read if I'm not on the computer- I'm with a book in my hands.
Music I love rock! It's the bestest (I am aware that is not a word)! Heavy metal hard rock alternative rock ska--I love ska! The Beatles The Beach Boys Korn Suicidal Tendencies Tool System of a Down Aqua Bats Madness The Conspiracy The Doors AC/DC Ozzy Osbourne Slipknot NIN Marilyn Manson Hot Hot Heat Guns n Roses Three Days Grace Mudvayne Bloc Party Seether Pantera Rancid Gorillaz Garbage Fall Out Boy Frank Zappa Cradle of Filth Less than Jake Motion City Soundtrack Kittie Pennywise The White Stripes Santana Queen Opeth Garbage The Mars Volta OK Go Micheal Jackson (music only) Rob Zombie --I could go on for a while. Then again I like Mozart Chopin Beethoven Nat "King" Cole Patty Paige etc. Classical 30's 40's 60's 70's 80's 90's...Well you get the idea...
Movies Star Wars-nerdy but so what? It's rad! Harry Potter 1 2 3 and now 4 Life is Beautiful Napolean Dynamite Grease Saturday Night Fever Spaceballs The Mask Ace Ventura Pet Detective - both of them Tommy Boy(hahaha+infinitum). I like horror comedy tragedy documentaries :-( how sad... basically anything. My favorite is comedy though...
TV Shows Don't judge me! Here goes: Sailor Moon Inuyasha Yu-gi-oh! Mew Mew Power Cardcaptors Sakura- which they don't run any more!! DoReMi Magic Club Dragonball Dragonball Z & GT Shaman King One Piece- american version kind of sucks- but I still love it--need help...Rorouni Kenshin--- anything anime!!! Then there is the Simpsons Family Guy American Dad. However I still semi-live in reality House Bill Cosby Show Viva La Bam The Inside Tru Calling. God-- my list is ...misceallous- for lack of a better word.
Books I like to read so let's see: Harry Potter The Picture of Dorian Gray- or anything by Oscar Wilde A Tale of Two Cities- or anything by Charles Dickens anything by Edgar Allan Poe Lord of the Rings Lord of the Flies Walk Two Moons- childish--but good The Mists of Avalon Da Vinci Code The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series The Outsiders Johnny the Homocidal Maniac Sherlock Holmes To Kill a Mockingbird A Child Called It- and it's sequels The Vampire Chronicles any kind of manga(Fushigi Yugi Sailor Moon Sakura Card Captors Naruto Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Z Hikaru No Go Rouruni Kenshin anything else...) anything by Shakespeare anything by Alexandre Dumas Mark Twain or Robert L. Stevenson... I love to read...