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26 year-old male from El Cajon, CA
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World of Warcraft Cataclysmreally enjoying wow and cataclysm so far. I've only just started but I was glad to see that my laptop is able to run it and frame rate is not as bad as I thought it would be. I will definitely be upgrading my laptop though to make it run better because I've noticed when I'm in a big city with lots of people my frame rate goes way down . Overall I'm glad I got the game and all of its expansions for $80. I thought for sure I would be paying at least $120.
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Name Clayton
Occupation Gamer, Q & A Game Tester
Birthday July 11th, 1988
Interests Baseball Football Lacrosse and pretty much any other sport popular in the US
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Music I pretty much everything except for country stuff.
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