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21 year-old male from Kinloch Rannoch, Scotland
Currently playing - MoH:Warfighter/BF4
Currently watching - Anything that looks appealing on Lovefilm
Currently learning - Anything and everything haha, nah just a lot of Acoustic stuff and blues scales ;)

Not much to say, I love music, gaming, sports etc. but let's not forget RoosterTeeth, Achievement Hunter and their exceptional shows :P
But I'm just your average guy always up for a laugh and a few drinks haha.
Gotta youtube channel that I started uploading cover songs onto, but with uni I've hit a wall with time, but I should have a couple of things going up soon :)
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Is everyone as in love with Miracle of sounds new song, Dream of the Sky, as I am? I can not stop listening to it, it's just absolutely brilliant. Fantastic work as always mate :)
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Name Duncan Tainsh
Occupation Currently studying Electronic and Electrical Enginering at Edinubrgh Napier University
Birthday October 30th, 1993
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