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Lower the drinking age to 19?I came across this opinion piece today about why we should lower the drinking age to 19.

I have to say that I disagree - maybe its stubbornness or naivety, but the "everyone's doing it anyway" mentality has never worked as a solid circumvention of established law for me. It’s too slippery of a slope. But, that's not to say that I think this isn't a problem that needs to be addressed.

I should preface this all by saying that I was not your average teenager/college student. I had my first drink EVER when I was 19, and it was really my last one until I was 21. I worked the maximum number of hours I could work, went to an enforced dry campus (so even if I wanted to party, I'd have to travel to do it) and double majored, so my course schedule was heavy enough that all I wanted to do on the weekends was veg out in front of the TV and sleep. I know that’s FAR from the norm. But I also know a good group of people that didn’t fall into this college stereotype.

These kids are making CHOICES – to sit there and say that lowering the drinking age will prevent these kids from making poor decisions (the article mentions hiring strippers, rape and binge drinking, to name a few) seems like a cop out answer. This is not an issue that can be so simply swept under the rug. While the article’s proposal would keep Freshmen from drinking (which by their own admission seems to be a wasted effort), it doesn’t really explain how lowering the drinking age of still developing teenagers prevents them from making these decisions and engaging in this behavior once they turn 19. I applaud the increased focus on zero tolerance for drinking and driving that would have to accompany this new law, but it has far from won my vote.

Maybe it’s naïve, but instead of making these actions and decisions legal at an earlier age, maybe college campuses need to take a look at their alcohol policies from a more realistic perspective. There were reasons why the drinking age was made 21 in the first place (the most interesting and credible to me being the still-developing brain). Maybe we need to educate and reinforce MEN as well as women that decisions made while intoxicated do have very serious consequences, and the “man, I was so drunk” defense is not a real shield against liability. Maybe college campuses need to be ready and willing to discuss alcoholism and treatment options. Maybe college campuses need to not turn a blind eye to underage drinking as part of “the culture.”

I guess what I’m saying is, I agree that this is a problem. I agree that there is more that can be done in this area. But lowering the national drinking age isn’t the solution. Especially not for the reasons outlined in this article. However, I applaud the author for broaching the issue and encouraging dialogue about something that is so often hidden. Encouraging open and honest dialogue is always a good first step.

What do you think?
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