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23 year-old male from Warren, TX
This is my profile. I really like to draw and joke around.
I accept all random friend requests and group requests.
If you want to message me, go for it.
I'm a nerd but cool to hang out with.
I also have a Deviant Art account: TallTom55. Feel free to check it out. I have way more art on that site.

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Shocking News Dear journal, today more people on Facebook keep hating Obama for stuff that Congress is actually at fault for.
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Name Tom Talley
Occupation COLLEGE student
Birthday February 1st, 1992
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Music Mostly rock. Classic. And what evers good. Desturbed Nikelback Evenessance Brekin Benjamin 3 doors down 3 days graice and whatever.
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Books Manga Marvel Comics America's best series Tips n Tricks Game Informers Toy Fair and Rooster Teeth.