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20 year-old male from Daly City, CA
I am a guitarist, hardcore gamer, xbox fan (not a fanboy, i appreciate other consoles as well, i tend to like to stay away from those fanboys, just too much drama), I play a lot of sports: track, football, baseball, soccer, fencing, free running (not parkour, its different), and my specialty, basketball. I love to play FPS and RPG games, any other genres, i can play if it has a good storyline.
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Im backIm back and i apologize if i made anyone worry
so here i go trying to explain what happened since i aint in no hurry
my parents have been on my ass
telling me to do this do that when i have no gas
i try and tell them im tired
i just do not have the fire
to go on anymore
but like they are usually,
theyre whores
that wont listen to a single word i got to say
i go back into my room i pray
for the safe journey that i must take today
pack my bags
head out
and leave the sad life i once knew
but of course they would play their cards right
and tell the people they knew had the most might
went straight to the police
didnt even care where i might be
just wanted me back
to tell me im whack
and smack me again with a baseball bat.
They bring me back to house
im under house arrest
now my life is put to the test
this shit is fucked i cant go anywhere
im finally stuck like gum to hair
and to make it worse my sister goes against me while im a sitting duck
goes up to me and says my poems suck
just because to tease me knowing i cant do shit
well now im stuck in hells pit
but life has been good to me
ive thought about ending this see?
i cut myself but i dont care if they call me emo
why does it matter? no one really cares
just suck this johnson and leave me alone
i just want to leave as soon as i turn eighteen
then ill see that my old life has never been seen
so now im back as a new man
better than anyone in family
as the most confident man alive
if anyone wants to mess with me
i swear to god i will end your life
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The Goods
Name Tamashi
Occupation Gamestop Employee
Birthday September 9th, 1994
Interests freerunning basketball baseball track etc etc
Games Show 34 More
Music Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Green Day Eminem Linkin Park Breaking Benjamin Game Soundtracks (only a few) Alter Bridge Evanscence B.O.B Paramore Lil Wayne. Any kinds of music that has a nice beat is gonna be liked by me.
Movies The Matrix series (the first one was the best) Underworld series the Jackass movies all the Horror movie genre And the Scary Movie Series.
TV Shows The Roast series in comedy central Family Guy South Park anything funny.
Books I dont read A LOT of books usually i would just read some books one book was I Am Legend The Great Gatsby was ok and if it counts Halsey's journal that came with the Halo Reach Legendary Pack.