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23 year-old male from Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire
21 Years Old

been following RT for years finally got round to making an account =)

ICT Technical Support Officer by day
Bassist for amazing "I Forgot" by night

fave RvB Character has to be... Caboose

fave member of the RT team has to be Gavin.
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Wow its been too longLast time i posted was over a year ago..... so much has happened since...... I have a new job (been doing it for nearly a year).... I am a computer engineer for a very large global company...I left Bedfordshire gamers to focus on my own musical & entertainment career starting my own youtube channel with my own spin on a few games (mostly been minecraft im afraid but some new stuff coming soon have just done a 2hour recording of GTA V that will be condensed down to around 30 minutes)

what else..... got a new car.... well an old car .... a 1997 toyota corrolla that i love (her name is azusa) i have reconnected with one of my best friends after 3 years of not talking and hopefully soon moving into a new place with a decent internet connection..... should start using this a little more as i feel more free typing on here than on any other social media.

you guys just seem to get me!

if you wanna check out my videos my channel is called "TenshiForgotGaming"

and you can follow on twitter @TenshiForgot

love to all =)
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Name Ben Tenshi Maaka Coo
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