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26 year-old male from Philadelphia, Pa
Biography: HELLO THERE...

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Tgjanlee Fat4RTX
The "lee" part...So research dictates that Tgjan might be hard to say, but Lee sure isn't it. If you struggle with the word "Lee" then there is nothing I can do for you. Maybe have a cookie or something. Wait, no. That's my cookie. You may have... a carrot. Feck, I like carrots too. You can have this sardine I found. Nobody likes those. Someday this journal will get to the point.

Whelp, Naruto ended. My favorite character, Rock Lee has no more pages to amaze me on. I might just need to retire the Lee part of my name now. I'll need to be a new TgjanSoemthing. SO. Right. The point of this journal is finally here.

I want you guys to help me with a new name. What's a good name I can a...
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