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27 year-old male from Lapeer, MI
I joined this website because I have been a long time fan of the Guy's From Rooster Teeth Back when they were called the Drunk Gamer's Then When They Formed Rooster Teeth and Started Making RVB It just made me Love them more! It's Been a amazing Journey watching These Guy's Grow as a Company. And In That spirit Me and my Friend Steve Started are own company Called EGS-Everyday Gaming Society,Grant it We Are Not as cool as Rooster Teeth But It's Been awesome Love making Achievement Videos and Podcast's But I could Never Picture my Life with out Video Games and Friends.
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Media Coverage Of Conventions Hey,
Hows it going guy's and gal's it's been a long time. Sorry about the brief hiatus from RoosterTeeth's site Just been super busy with work, Seven day's a week for the past 8 months there has got to be a law against that. But anyway I just got on to let everyone know I'm doing okay and Everyday Gaming Society is doing great as well. We are about to hit are 100th podcast! I'm super excited, and I have been busting my ass writing to conventions all over Michigan to let us do press/Media coverage of their cons. I am happy to report EGS will be at Detroit Motor City Comic Con May 16th, 17th & 18th covering this years Con it's gonna be epic. we already have Tons of interviews Lined up So look for that on are website and Facbook for more.

But I am sad to announce I will not make it to RTX this year, I know I'm super depressed about it, I love everyone on this site and the Guy's and Gal's that make this company a reality. I never thought in a million years back in 2003 watching Red Vs Blue I would get to watch this company grow so much. Nor did I think I would get to go to RTX and meet people that fell in love with the same people I did. So Be for I go back to work I want you all to know I love ya and you inspire me to keep my head up and dream one day I can make other people just as happy as you Guy's and Gal's at Rooster Teeth do every single day.

Love Nate, From Everyday Gaming Society!



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Name Nate Miller
Occupation working security and editing and making videos for me and my bro's gaming company
Birthday August 11th, 1987
Interests My interests are watching red vs. blue that show is the best thing in the world. lisening to music and playing halo and different war games
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