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29 year-old male from Canadia
I am Tim, from London Ontario
- Lifetime Gamer (Hunter of achievements)
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Also if you send a request on XBOX Live please message me and let me know who you are.
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7 not well known things about meI was nominated by @PeaceMaker69 to reveal 7 things about myself. So let's see what you don't know.

1. In 2004, I picked up a hobby in buying blank skateboard decks and painting them with spray paint to make my own personal line of decks that I would try and sell to people. I made 7 of them, I gave 3 as gifts, I still have 2 of them, I only sold 1...I'm not that good of a business man. My favourite one is one that I still have which was made out of a pattern of ninja stars made out of the 'M' from Metallica, and said across it "Nothing Else Matters", which turned out to be the song involved in the proposal and first dance of Maggie and I's marriage. I also started doing that with the intention of skateboarding, which never happened.

2. I can play guitar (Acoustic, Electric and Bass), but haven't practiced in so long I'm beyond rusty. One of my favourite songs ever is "Aerials" by System of a Down.In 2003 I experienced some head trauma and though my memory took some time to remember a lot of things I would normally know, one of the therapists at the hospital let me play her guitar and my left hand remembered the notes for the majority of the song (MUSCLE MEMORY FTW).

3. A side effect of the trauma is that I no longer have a sense of smell. I've managed to use that as a strength though and use it to joke around with people. Quite frankly I don't really miss it, it's been so long now it feels just normal to not have it. Though sometimes I get a hint of smell from something very strong, but if I try smelling it after ,it's gone. Which was funny after head banging at a Judas Priest show, I briefly smelled caramel in Union Station. I was able to convince a friend for a second that Rob Halford had performed a miracle and cured me. Also I choose not to explain what caused the trauma on my journal, because even people who care about me have made a bad taste joke or comment that they may think is fine but strikes too close to home for something that nearly ended me. So I can tell people, but it's more of an in person thing.

4. In 4th grade I got up in front of the whole school at a talent show and Lip Sync'd "Young, Dumb and Ugly" by Weird Al Yankovich. Don't even think Maggie knows that one (please don't leave me).

5. I haven't changed my profile pic in over a year. The picture there is a t-shirt design I submitted for RTO. I was told it was too complex for a shirt, but since I just wanted to get involved more I was satisfied. While at RTO, Eric came back from the merch table with a poster of my design. Wasting no time I made my way to the table. when asked if I wanted anything, a glassy eyed me pointed at the poster and said "I drew that". The staff were very kind to me and let me have a free hat, I also have my poster in my living room. That has been one of my favourite moments with the RT community, when for the first time in my life I felt like my art was appreciated as ever poster sold out. Thank you to all of the RTO staff! (I'll change my picture eventually, I just haven't made anything since)

6. My parents split when I was 5. I lived with my mom in London while my dad lived in Oshawa. dedicated to spend time with my brother and I, he drove up to London and took us to Oshawa every other weekend. For years one of the things we did together was go to card shows and meet former (and some current) NHL hockey players. We met hundreds over the years like Mario Lemieux, Phil & Tony Esposito, Maurice Richard, Jean Beliveau, Gerry Cheevers, Johnny Bower, Bobby Orr, and many more. We also met, and each have a team picture signed by 90% of Team Canada 1972 (It was an important series, in the top five for Canadian moments ever, I'll explain it later).

7. Every year on the morning of the 24th of September, I wake up and walk through the streets watching the sunrise while listening to the album "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd. I start the day that way as I did in 2011 on the morning of my wedding day with @maggiehayton, whom I love with all my heart.

That's 7, which was also my number when I played hockey...
That's 8, and I encourage others to share 7 normal or obscure things about themselves!

I nominate @Tropes @michiroo @Nat @Microbe @kzuelch @BigNiceJohn @film_geek
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