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THAYT The Didact
29 year-old male from Canadia
I am Tim, from London Ontario
- Lifetime Gamer (Hunter of achievements)
- Fails of the Weak #117 (Halo 4 Fail #1)
- RT Featured User 4/3/13

Also if you send a request on XBOX Live please message me and let me know who you are.
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THAYT The Didact
7 not well known things about meI was nominated by @PeaceMaker69 to reveal 7 things about myself. So let's see what you don't know.

1. In 2004, I picked up a hobby in buying blank skateboard decks and painting them with spray paint to make my own personal line of decks that I would try and sell to people. I made 7 of them, I gave 3 as gifts, I still have 2 of them, I only sold 1...I'm not that good of a business man. My favourite one is one that I still have which was made out of a pattern of ninja stars made out of the 'M' from Metallica, and said across it "Nothing Else Matters", which turned out to be the song involved in the proposal and first dance of Maggie and I's marriage. I a...
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