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i adopted a cool lil' Monkey Fetus from WINGWARRIOR2! huray fetus!!

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Welcome to the No Fun Zone!!!!!That is what I have dubbed "The Red Mile". I guess back in the playoffs for the '03-'04 season, too many people had fun on 17th Ave. So, This year, the police have started their Crackdown on fun 2 weeks before playoffs (Thus making sure nobody has fun during the playoffs).

Now, I remember the Red Mile from '03-'04, it was great, thousands of people gathered to celebrate our home team. Sure there were isolated incidents, but that's bound to happen when you have somewhere in the nature of 60,000 people in one area. I understand that the police have a job to do (to serve and protect), but this crackdown is overkill.

On the first day, the ratio of Police officers to Public was 12 to 1. Since then, the Cops have been handing out tickets like they are the cure for the bird flu. People have recieved tickets for shouting "Go Flames Go!", honking their car horn, jay-walking (The Cops have blocked off almost every cross-walk, forcing people to jaywalk...Is this fair?), Hell, I saw someone get a ticket for swearing. I think this "Crackdown" is just another Cashgrab for the police.

Well with that rant out of the way. Let me show you some pictures:

This is Generic, No Name Label Generic.(That's his name and were sticking with it). Although it is hard to tell in this shot, but he is a huge cat (about 19 pounds). He loves to have his belly rubbed and can usually be found holding up a wall in my apt.

These little bundles of joy are the kittens we were looking after. About 3 weeks ago, My girlfriend decided to pick these guys up without telling me. Now I wasn't mad, a little confused, but whenever I would look into their eyes, i would just melt. Sadly, we had to find new homes for the three. They were causing stress between Sativa and Generic not to mention a whole of stress between me and my gf. (Sorry about the fuzzy shots)

Also, we adpoted a bunny, and rescued 3 guinea pigs. The bunny is named Flopsy (I couldn't think of anything original) and the guinea pig that lives in his cage is named Tweek (Named after the South Park character.). the other 2 are named Biscuit & Gravy. I will post pics when I get a chance to get them off my camera.

Well, I'm about to head home for the night, but before I go...


-----End Transmission-----
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