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23 year-old male from a happy place full of good intent
A science fiction story I'm working on:
Extra Perceptory

I'm pretty easy to get along with and highly sarcastic.

If I say something in all caps or italics it's called sarcasm. That means I don't really mean what I say. Getting mad at sarcasm is like going to war with a country for saying they agree with you in a language you don't understand. Don't be that guy.

I enjoy contemplating the frivolous conjunction of arbitrary thoughts as my concept of reality slowly sows itself together continually throughout my seamless cycle of existence. Also, video game
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Did the_me meet a terrible end?Yes.

If by terrible end you mean changing majors to Philosophy + Theoretical Physics.

Once school starts back up again, I'll most likely go back to none existence, but until then . . .

How are you all doing?
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Name Alex
Occupation Being intellectual. (Student)
Birthday April 6th, 1992
Interests Meandering the wanna-be intellectual premise of the aforementioned psychology writing debating discussion sarcasm subjectivity obligations to my fellow man meeting new people making funny faces whenever a reflective surface presents itself within the vicinity making personalized games out of geometric patters (i.e. whenever walking on tiles conforming and adjusting the style in which my feet hit the floor such that a pattern between the tiles and my legs in preserved) sunsets tragic-comedies men who have consciously decided to replace their eyeballs with staple guns and anyone who took the time out of their busy life to read the entirety of the text above this line.
Music All the bands that you've never heard of. Every single one of them.
Movies A vast range of philosophical counter-culture stoner movies and the occasional romance because my scrotum is just that large and manly.
TV Shows Don't really watch TV. Ever.
Books Way too many to count. As reading is my main source of entertainment. Depressing I know.