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27 year-old male from The Central Coast - Australia
Give In To The Voices...KILL THEM ALL!!!

Hey. I'm 19 (or at least i am when i'm writing this.) I go to Macqaurie Uni in Sydney.

I Accept All Random Friend Requests!

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The World Hates Me!Well if any of you read my last Journal entry you'l know my pain. My beloved 360 Red Ringed so it has to go away for a while.
Well they say bad things happen in 3's and they are right!
All electronic devices hate me!
My xbox dies
My computer screws up, freezes and is on the verge of dying so i cant use that till my mate comes round and helps me get it working again.
This is the ultimate trifecta. Last night i used the toaster. It insides blew up, here i am clicking down 2 slices of bread when theres an almighty flash of red, a big puff of smoke comes out the toaster and all the power shuts off.
I'd blown up the toaster and killed the safety switch in the fuse box. So we spent agez outside screwing round in the fuse box at 9.30 at night trying to get the cursed power back on.
So ends my nightmare of suicidal machines and rebellious electronics
I hope...
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Name Andrew
Occupation Student
Birthday January 7th, 1988
Interests Pointless Random Stuff.
Music Linkin Park Greenday Screaming Jets Evanescence Bon Jovi Fallout Boy Red Hot Chillie Peppers Nirvana.
Movies I love the 2 Underworld movies The Alien movies Predator 1 and 2 XxX but Not XxX 2 Lord Of The Rings Trilogy and a bunch of other sci fi Sorta Movies.
TV Shows Stargate and Stargate Atlantis Dark Angel (Bastards cut it :( ) Farscape Supernatural Mr Hell Show Heroes House.
Books Books By Matthew Reilly are awesome. Normally Aussie authors are crap but that guy rocks! Also i like Steve King Deane Koontz Clive Cussler Tom Clancy etc.