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St.Patrick's DayHad a great St.Patrick's Day.
I was DD, so I could keep an eye on my friends and make sure they got home alright.
Piped for my friends band, during their final gig. They've been rocking pubs for 13yrs or so.
Sad to see them stop.
Piped them from the first pub, to the 2nd pub. Which was about 5 blocks away.
People were going nuts in the streets, as I piped passed them. Such a GRRREAT time!
Also, probably the first time I was not hung over on the 18th of March in many, many, many, many years!

On another note. I have my first job in 4yrs (since the coma, nice adding on to my insurance income) for a few months now.
Working for a friends company, I build Anglo Concertinas.
www.concertinas.ca I need to find someone to update his page for him.
Few small things such as it says, he has made about 40 concertinas, meanwhile, we are up around 412. Pretty much, the page needs a lot though.

I hope everyone had a great time.

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