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35 year-old male from Alpharetta, GA
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Something I need to get off my chestBe warned, this is going to be a long one.

So, years ago I joined RvB. I met PissedOffChick here and she got me involved in clan based gaming on the PC. I played with a clan called Factor VIII, playing Medal of Honor Allied Assault and expansions semi competitively. I enjoyed the teamwork aspect and the feeling that I was a valued member of the team was great to me. IRL growing up I was an outcast, constantly bullied and teased and this was an awesome change for me. We continued playing together, the original Call of Duty on the PC and it's sequel. Then there was Halo 2.

Factor VIII was a PC clan. I needed to find a clan that supported Xbox gameplay. I searched google and came across 2old...
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