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Stalkers Inc. Feeling lonely?
Do you feel that everyone pays less attention to you then the voices in your head do?
Are you tired of your only friend being your shadow?

Well you are in luck!

'Cause today we are having a 50% off sale.
just call.....1-800-STALK ME. that's 1-800- STALK ME.

We have, White ones, Black ones, Philapino ones, and many many more.
So call quickly and with in a few hours you can have your very own stalker.
he will...
...follow you!
...admire you from a distance!
...go through your trash!
...get rid of your dates!
and even on ocation, call you and breathe heavly on the phone!

We at Creeper Inc. GARANTIE you that you will be running for a restraing order faster then you ran for your razors...yes we know, and you thought you were alone.

but call quickly now... we are running out of time.
call 1-800-STALK ME.. thats... 1-800-782-5523.
and pay the man that has being doing his job for a while now.

Because remember only important people have stalkers.
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